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LinkedIn Releases Report: LinkedIn Users Have More Buying Power Compared To Other Networks

LinkedIn released a report today, stating that their research proves there is an opportunity for businesses to leverage the buying power of professionals on the LinkedIn network.

Professionals are consumers too, and LinkedIn’s Patty Cox says some of the most influential consumers are on the LinkedIn network. She goes on to call these professional consumers, “Prosumers”, and states:

Research demonstrates these individuals are an attractive audience for marketers, with more buying power than members on other social platforms and strong influence across many product and service categories.

According to LinkedIn’s research, Prosumers are 152% more likely to be active in online conversations. Prosumers are also brand conscious, as 80% of them are willing to pay more for a product from a brand they trust.

LinkedIn’s research also shows 71% of B2C marketers used LinkedIn to distribute content in 2013, and LinkedIn users have more buying power compared to other social platforms.

LinkedIn users are likely to spend roughly $2000-$3000 annually on vacations, and $839 annually on clothing. LinkedIn’s pro-sumers are also 152% more likely to be a frequent flier, and 41% are more likely to have spent $30K+ on their last vehicle.

Here is a chart LinkedIn put together to illustrate this data, complete with a graph that shows LinkedIn eclipses all other social networks when it comes to the buying power of its users.

[slideshare id=34937624&doc=linkinfographiccopy-140521012813-phpapp01&type=d]


This report leaves a lot to be desired in terms of data to back up their bold claims. Apparently more data is on the way, as LinkedIn says that over the next few weeks they will be sharing more insights on the professionals who use their network.

Do you use LinkedIn to build relationships with consumers? What are your opinions compared to marketing to consumers on other social networks? It would be interesting to see how LinkedIn’s data compares to the actual experiences of B2C marketers.

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LinkedIn Releases Report: LinkedIn Users Have More Buying Power Compared To Other Networks

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