LinkedIn Launches New Tools: Measure Your Content Marketing Score and Discover Trending Content

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LinkedIn announced the launch two new tools last week to assist businesses in their content marketing efforts: Content Marketing Score and Trending Content.

LinkedIn’s announcement states: “The Content Marketing Institute recently surveyed B2B marketers and found that while 93% use content marketing, only 42% consider themselves effective at it.” As a result of this study, LinkedIn endeavored to create a tool to let businesses know just how effective they really are at content marketing.

Content Marketing Score is described by LinkedIn as, “an analytics resource that gives you insight into the impact of your paid and organic content on LinkedIn.”  The is score calculated by measuring unique engagement generated by your content on LinkedIn, divided by your total target audience.

More specifically, Content Marketing Score measures LinkedIn member engagement with your Sponsored Updates, Company Pages, LinkedIn Groups, employee updates, and Influencer posts. Along with your score you will also get recommendations about how to improve your score. Tracking your Content Marketing Score on a monthly basis will allow you and your business to make the necessary adjustments to your strategy to keep your audience engaged.

To get your Content Market Score simply go here, click on ‘Request your score’, and fill out the necessary fields (or have them auto-filled by LinkedIn). LinkedIn will send you a report with details about your score and some recommendations.

LinkedIn’s new Trending Content section features a ranking of topics that the network believes resonates most with their members. Trending Content gathers the most popular content on LinkedIn for the following topics: automotive, executive, financial services, health and pharmaceuticals, high-tech, IT, marketing, small businesses, students, and venture capitalism.

When you click on one of the topics, LinkedIn shows you the top shared articles from around the web, as well as the top sub-topics within that topic.

Both Trending Content and Content marketing score are immediately available to anyone with a LinkedIn account. They also provided a short video further illustrating the benefits of these tools and the reasons why they were developed:

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Matt Southern

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  • Michael Rosenstein

    This is a great information. I was always considering the worthiness of my content and this helps me a lot. Would check it out.

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Excellent news Matt! I’m having issues gaining traction on LinkedIn because I need to gauge the effectiveness of my content strategy on the platform. Enter these tools ūüėČ Perfect timing for me. LI is tough to gauge; oversharing is certainly frowned upon and people seem more interested in text versus links on the network.

    Thanks for the great share.


    Matt thanks for the update.
    The link that you have provided though does not show the request for the score on the download of the infographic and the eBook.

  • kurtshaver

    LinkedIn’s new Content Marketing Score and Content Trending will provide valuable feedback for B2B marketers, at least inside LI’s Walled Garden. The “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” feature provides LI content metrics (Views, Likes, Comments) to individuals.

  • Rakesh Bhosale

    i spent more then 20min to find the option to “request for a LinkedIn score, We are taking about social media marketing trends n all but LinkedIn must understand the very very basic thing about “call to action buttons, most of the time i face issues with LinkedIn.