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LinkedIn is Testing a New Services Section in User Profiles

LinkedIn is Testing a New Services Section in User Profiles

LinkedIn is working on a new addition to profiles which lets users display a list of services they offer.

The feature is currently in testing and was discovered by none other than Jane Manchun Wong:

As she notes in her tweet, a services section in profiles would pair well with the ‘Find a Service Provider’ feature she discovered last month.

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This feature would be especially useful for freelancers and other independent service providers.

As a professional network, LinkedIn could do more to accommodate freelancers.

With a services section, freelancers could turn their profile page into a business page of sorts.

Employees of other companies could also use a ‘services’ section in their profile to highlight the tasks they perform at their job.

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It’s possible if this feature rolls out publicly, a services section could also be used to help recruiters find talent.

This feature isn’t out yet, but given Wong’s track record I imagine it won’t be long before we see a ‘services’ section in LinkedIn profile.


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