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LinkedIn Introduces Language Preference Targeting For Company Pages

LinkedIn Introduces Language Preference Targeting For Company Pages

LinkedIn launched two new capabilities to its service this week designed to help global brands with audiences in multiple locations around the word enhance their social media efforts with more local content and conversation on LinkedIn. The two new capabilities LinkedIn is launching are language preference targeting and the personalized page feed.

According to LinkedIn’s announcement, 67% of their 300 million members are located outside of the United States, and and their site is available in 22 different languages. Several million brands are using LinkedIn’s Company Pages and Showcase Pages, the vast majority of which are created internationally. With their global reach in mind, LinkedIn is introducing these new features to streamline the member experience and facilitate more relevant communication between businesses and LinkedIn users.

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Language Preference Targeting

Through language preference targeting, businesses with a worldwide audience can now target their updates by the users’ selected language:

For example, a U.S. based company targeting Portuguese-speaking professionals in Brazil can now share updates in Portuguese with followers who have selected it as their preferred language on LinkedIn.

Personalized Page Feed

When a LinkedIn user visits a Company Page, that page’s feed will only show updates intended for that specific user. For example, if a company targets an update to users in Australia and another update is targeted to users in Spain, each group would only be presented the region specific update. Other targeting filters include company size, industry, function, seniority, geography, and now language preference.

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The combination of these features ensures that LinkedIn users only see the messages meant for them, written in the language they have set as their preference.

For more information about these new features, please see this help section LinkedIn’s website.


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