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LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads: A New Message-Based Ad Format

LinkedIn is launching a new type of message-based ad that uses conversation to deliver a customized experience for each user.

LinkedIn’s new Conversation Ads build off of its current Message Ads and are designed to be more personal and engaging.

Businesses can utilize Conversation Ads to build campaigns with multiple conversion paths leading to a variety of calls-to-action.

“Conversation Ads build on our current Message Ads offering (formerly Sponsored InMail), and feature a “choose your own path” experience that lets you create full-funnel campaigns with multiple customized calls-to-action, like product education, webinar sign-ups, and ebook downloads.”

Content served through Conversation Ads can be personalized according to where the prospect is in the conversion funnel.

LinkedIn emphasizes that businesses can expect higher quality engagement from prospects by serving them with more interesting advertising content.

“Meeting your customers where they spend their time is just as important as how you engage them. This can be especially true in the B2B space, where buying cycles are longer and multiple stakeholders are involved in purchase decisions, making each conversation and interaction that much more important in building trusted relationships…

These ads are designed to help your prospects and customers access the content and offers most interesting to them instantly, driving higher-quality engagement for you.“

Conversation Ads are designed to be served to prospects when they’re most receptive to them. As the company explains, “messages can only be sent when the prospect is active on LinkedIn and in the right mindset.”

Conversation Ads can be used with existing LinkedIn features such as Lead Gen Forms and Conversion Tracking. They’re rolling out over the next few weeks as a public beta to all advertisers in all languages.

Source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads: A New Message-Based Ad Format

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