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LinkedIn Lists ‘Digital Marketer’ As Top In-Demand Job

LinkedIn’s list of top 10 in-demand jobs includes digital marketers with SEO, social media, and content marketing skills.

LinkedIn lists ‘digital marketing specialist’ among the top 10 most in-demand jobs, with SEO being one of the most desired skills.

The 10 most in-demand jobs are based on data from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph, which maps over 706M professionals, 55M companies, 11M job listings, 36K skills, and 90k schools.

LinkedIn identified the most in-demand jobs by looking at which positions have the most job openings available. But it takes into account more than just that.

In order to ensure this list benefits people now, and in the future, LinkedIn also considers these 3 criteria:

  • Job growth over the past 4 years
  • Whether the jobs pay a livable
  • Whether the required skills can be learned online

“We used our Economic Graph to identify 10 jobs that are in-demand in today’s economy and well positioned to continue to grow in the future.

We were able to filter for jobs that can be obtained without a 4 year degree, those that pay a livable wage, and those that can be successfully reskilled for online.”

Now that you know what went into creating the list, let’s look at the jobs included in it.

LinkedIn’s Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs

LinkedIn identified these as the top 10 most in-demand jobs, ranked in order of most global job openings.

  1. Software Developer: 15 million job openings
  2. Sales Representative: 8.5 million job openings
  3. Project Manager: 2.7 million job openings
  4. IT Administrator: 2 million job openings
  5. Customer Service Specialist: 1.8 million job openings
  6. Digital Marketer: 860k job openings
  7. IT Support/Help Desk: 590k job openings
  8. Data Analyst: 360k job openings
  9. Financial Analyst: 360k job openings
  10. Graphic Designer: 355k job openings

LinkedIn also lists the most in-demand skills for each of the jobs listed above.

These are the most in-demand skills for digital marketers (in no particular order):

  • Social media
  • Content strategy
  • SEO
  • Marketing channels
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads

According to this data, a search marketer with experience in paid and organic is well positioned for an in-demand digital marketing job.

LinkedIn provides what it calls a learning path for each of the jobs listed above.

A learning path includes comprehensive courses to help people learn the skills needed to perform the jobs.

From now until the end of March 2021, courses in LinkedIn learning paths are being offered completely for free.

Here’s what’s included in the learning path for digital marketing.

LinkedIn Learning Path for Digital Marketers

LinkedIn’s learning path for the role of digital marketing specialist has a total of 27 hours of content spread across 12 courses.

These are the sources in the digital marketing learning path:

  • Online marketing foundations
  • Google Analytics essential training
  • SEO foundations
  • Google Ads essential training
  • Content marketing foundations
  • Social media marketing foundations
  • Marketing on Facebook
  • Marketing on Instagram
  • Social media marketing ROI
  • Strategy and optimization
  • Email and newsletter marketing foundations
  • Introduction to graphic design

Finishing all of the above courses will earn you a certificate of completion.

To date, over 10 million people around the world have taken LinkedIn courses. The company has ambitious goals to bring that number to 25 million by the end of the year.

You can view all courses available at

Sources: LinkedIn Official Blog, LinkedIn in-demand jobs

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LinkedIn Lists ‘Digital Marketer’ As Top In-Demand Job

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