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LinkedIn Expands Sponsored Content Offerings With Carousel Ads

LinkedIn is introducing carousel ads, a new type of advertising unit containing multiple pieces of sponsored content.

In a single carousel ad, businesses can feature up to 10 swipeable cards that can be customized with various types of content.

Some ideas for how to use carousel ads include:

  • Telling a story through a series of images
  • Displaying multiple offerings at once
  • Displaying a single offering in depth
  • Sharing multiple insights from a single piece of content

Carousel ads are said to stand out more than other types of content in the LinkedIn news feed due to their interactive and eye-catching nature.

Rohan Rajiv, product manager of LinkedIn, states:

“Because carousel ads are interactive and have eye-catching visuals, they stand out in the newsfeed. Stories become tangible and encourage the audience to engage with the brand on both desktop and mobile. Behind every decision-maker is a real person – and carousel ads let people show off the brand’s personality, which draws their audience in and helps them connect.”

According to LinkedIn, 75% of businesses who were able to beta test sponsored content carousel ads said they would use them again.

Advertisers will be able to measure clicks and impressions by individual card. This is in addition to being able to measure standard metrics, such as overall click-through rates and number of leads.

Currently, LinkedIn only offers downloadable reports for advertisers, though it will be adding reporting directly in the Campaign Manager tool in the coming months.

Carousel ads are now available to all businesses.

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LinkedIn Expands Sponsored Content Offerings With Carousel Ads

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