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LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools To Enhance Hiring & Learning

LinkedIn is piloting AI-driven tools to modernize recruitment and learning experiences.

  • LinkedIn introduces AI-powered tools, including Recruiter 2024 and AI-assisted coaching on LinkedIn Learning.
  • The Recruiter 2024 tool aims to streamline recruitment, while AI coaching provides personalized learning.
  • These new tools are in a pilot phase, with plans for a broader rollout.

LinkedIn recently announced new AI-powered products aimed at transforming recruitment and employee training.

The professional networking platform is responding to the evolving skill requirements in the workforce and the role HR departments play in managing this change.

LinkedIn cited a survey showing that 90% of HR professionals believe their role has become more strategic in the past year.

LinkedIn is launching pilot versions of its AI-enhanced recruiting tool Recruiter 2024 to aid HR teams and a new AI coaching feature for LinkedIn Learning.

Recruiter 2024 Leverages AI To Streamline Hiring

LinkedIn’s new Recruiter 2024 tool uses AI and internal data on over 950 million professionals to generate qualified job candidates beyond the usual target companies quickly.

This allows recruiters to describe ideal candidates in natural language instead of spending hours on manual candidate searches.

The AI can then suggest expanding locations, skills, and remote work options to widen the talent pool.

Recruiter 2024 moves away from relying solely on brand-name companies. Instead, it utilizes insights job candidates provide, such as their openness to work and interest in companies based on their values.

Additionally, LinkedIn announced integrations called CRM Connect that connect Recruiter with existing candidate relationship management systems.

AI Coaching Coming To LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn announced an enhancement to the LinkedIn Learning platform, which includes AI-powered coaching via a chatbot interface.

The AI-powered coaching tool provides tailored advice based on specific job titles, career goals, and skills.

This feature is being tested for leadership and management skills, with plans to expand to other areas.

Looking Ahead

Recruiter 2024 and AI-powered coaching on LinkedIn Learning are being piloted with a select number of customers, with plans to expand access to all Recruiter and Learning Hub customers throughout the year.

These updates mark the beginning of LinkedIn’s foray into leveraging AI to support HR and learning and development professionals.

Featured Image: metamorworks/Shutterstock

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LinkedIn Announces New AI Tools To Enhance Hiring & Learning

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