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LinkedIn Adds Name Pronunciation Audio Clips to User Profiles

LinkedIn is adding a new feature that lets users upload name pronunciation audio clips to their profiles.

LinkedIn profiles can now include audio recordings of users saying their own names to assist others with proper pronunciation.

When a name pronunciation recording is uploaded to someone’s profile, a speaker icon will appear next to their name.

Other users can click on the icon to hear the person’s name being spoken.

“Ever seen someone’s name in writing and find yourself not totally sure how to pronounce it correctly? Correct pronunciation is not just a common courtesy — it’s an important part of making a good first impression and creating an inclusive workplace.

That’s why we decided to provide a feature that gives you the option to share how to pronounce your name.”

Whether users want to add this feature to their profile or not is entirely up to them.

Something I’ve learned growing up with the last name “Southern” is never to assume your name is too easy to pronounce.

Let’s just say it’s not uncommon for someone to glance at my name in writing and call me “Mr. Sutherland” out loud.

People skim over text when they read, and that goes for names as well.

This is a small update that, I believe, will be more helpful than people realize. Sometimes you don’t really know someone’s name if you’ve never heard them pronounce it before.

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How to Add a Name Pronunciation Recording to Your LinkedIn Profile

Currently, recording and uploading name pronunciations is only supported on the LinkedIn mobile app. Although users on all platforms will be able to listen to the recordings.

You can record how to pronounce your name and display it on your LinkedIn profile by following these steps:

  • Open the LinkedIn mobile app on iOS or Android
  • Tap your profile picture > View Profile.
  • Tap the Edit icon from your introduction card.
  • Tap +Record name pronunciation.
    • If you’ve already recorded your name, you can tap the Edit icon to delete or replace the existing recording.
  • Tap the recording button and hold to record your name.
    • Note: You can also cancel or preview the recording.
  • Tap the Use button when you’re satisfied with your recording.
    • Note: You can also Retake the recording.
  • Tap Save.

The total recording time for name pronunciations is 10 seconds. Perhaps enough time to add a short greeting as well?

A New Way to Connect With LinkedIn Members

Name pronunciations on LinkedIn are similar to looking up a word in Google and listening to the pronunciation.

However, this feature has a more personal touch because it’s the person saying their own name.

That aspect in and of itself may make this feature worth taking advantage of, even if your name is as easy to pronounce as “John Smith.”

This is a unique opportunity for online connections to hear your voice, just the same as they would if you were introducing yourself to them in person.

With 10 seconds of audio to utilize, you may even be able to say more than just your name.

Though it’s possible LinkedIn will be moderating these recordings to ensure they don’t stray too far from their intended purpose.

LinkedIn is currently rolling this optional feature out to all members globally over this next month.

Source: LinkedIn Official Blog

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LinkedIn Adds Name Pronunciation Audio Clips to User Profiles

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