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Link Reader Disappears From ChatGPT Plugin Store

Link Reader, a popular feature that accesses the web, was missing from the plugin store, limiting web access for ChatGPT Plus users.

  • The Link Reader plugin appears to have been removed from the ChatGPT Plugin store, home to over 800 plugins.
  • The Browse with Bing beta feature, accessible to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, has been unavailable since early July.
  • The ChatGPT Plugin store also updated its interface to display developers' contact information for more transparency.
link reader chatgpt plugin missing from plugin store

Link Reader, a popular ChatGPT plugin used for browsing the web, was noticeably missing from the ChatGPT Plugin Store.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, August 2023

Users took to Twitter to express their concerns over the missing feature.

Browse With Bing Remains Unavailable

OpenAI, which offers an impressive roster of over 800 plugins for ChatGPT, removed the Browse with Bing beta feature in early July.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers could use these features tool to fetch up-to-date information, thus improving the quality of answers that required more recent data.

The decision to disable the Browse with Bing beta feature appeared to come from a place of cautiousness and commitment to honor the rights of content owners.

At times, although helpful, the feature presented content in manners inconsistent with OpenAI’s standards. It, for example, could display the full text of a URL, even if inadvertently, when a user specifically asked for it.

OpenAI, adhering to its strict ethical guidelines, decided to turn off this feature to address these concerns and is swiftly working towards a more refined version of the tool.

The possible removal of the Link Reader plugin may be evidence of continued work to protect the creation of content creators.

Ways To Browse The Web With ChatGPT (For Now)

Although it’s a setback for paying subscribers accustomed to the convenience of web browsing using Link Reader, several other plugins can still access the web for now.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, August 2023

Developer Info For ChatGPT Plugins

In the meantime, ChatGPT Plus users may notice an update to the plugin store.

The store has made developer information more accessible by displaying it alongside each plugin.

Users can learn more about each plugin or directly contact developers via their listed email addresses, further enriching the plugin experience.

Screenshot from WebPilot, August 2023

Maintaining The Integrity Of Generative AI

The strategic and ethical decision by OpenAI to temporarily turn off the feature underlines their commitment to fair practices and respect for content owners.

It also demonstrates their responsiveness in identifying and rectifying potential missteps.

Or it’s simply an attempt to avoid additional legal issues surrounding generative AI tools.

Unfortunately, the loss of web browsing capabilities has already disrupted the workflows of some ChatGPT users.

Removing select web browsing plugins from the ChatGPT interface should emphasize the importance of ethical AI practices.

It also allows professionals to rethink their dependence on single tools and consider diversifying their AI resources.

Featured image: FrimuFilms/Shutterstock

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Link Reader Disappears From ChatGPT Plugin Store

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