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Link Popularity : Three Essential Listings Out of the Sandbox

Link Popularity : Three Essential Listings Out of the Sandbox

Rob Sullivan at Text Link Brokers posted a story last week about using established sites to build efficient link popularity. In the article Rob recommends three essential places to list your new business oriented site which will dig it out of the long term Google Sandbox (if it exists) and help establish that site as an authority from the beginning, possibly resulting in the rapid PageRank 4.

When I do link building for a new client I recommend they start with at least two or three links, depending on their industry. Or course link building is an ongoing thing, but there are 2 or 3 ‘essentials.‘”

Yahoo : A must have is a Yahoo! directory listing. For those who don’t know, Yahoo! has a directory of websites that initially started as a set of personal bookmarks but quickly grew to become one of the most powerul and authoritative directories on the web. To this day they are still considered highly authoritative by engines such as Google. So it’s worth the $300 submission fee to get your site listed in a high PageRank Directory page.

DMOZ : Second is an Open Directory listing. The Open Directory Project, also known as the ODP or DMOZ is a free human editted directory. It’s roots also go way back as well and, as such is also considered highly authoritative by Google. Granted, to get such a listing is sometimes as likely as finding gold on the side of the road but you have to at least make the effort. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a directory with a good editor who updates listings regularly. : Third, and this is optional depending on your industry, is a paid listing in is similar to Yahoo! or the Open Directory in that it is a directory, but it’s target is primarily B to B. Paying the annual subscription provides you a text link back to your site.

I recommend this listing to many of my B to B clients not so much because of the link popularity they will gain (which is also a great benefit), but because some of my clients receive the best quality leads from here.

Are you in agreement with Rob? What other essential link building placements for B2B or Commercial sites would you suggest?

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Link Popularity : Three Essential Listings Out of the Sandbox

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