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Link Monkeys vs. Linking Experts

Link Monkeys vs. Linking Experts

Aaron Wall of SEOBook points to a Jim Boykin rant about links and folks buying irrevelvant links from any site with a Google PageRank, hoping to boost their search engine rankings. In the post, Aaron refers to Link Monkeys, which I couldn’t help but to chuckle at, especially since my email (and sometimes postal mail) is full of requests from the Link Monkeys (wonder if they are something like Sea Monkeys?).

What exactly is a Link Monkey? Jim Boykin defines the term: Link Monkey….stupid people…..the jokes on those who have, what they consider, “link monkeys” working on their link campaigns. Your link manager should be your “link expert”….an expert mind you….no freakin’ “monkey”.

Jim Boykin continues his ongoing rants about links:

Since most people are still thinking “the numbers game” when it comes to obtaining links, most people are buying “numbers” from “monkeys” on crappy link pages.

When will the world wake up that the numbers game has passed the tipping point in Google. Engine are trying to get smarter with how they analyze sites. My overall thought is that they are working to identify, simply, “Links within Content and Linking to Content”

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Link Monkeys vs. Linking Experts

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