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Link Love & Political Activism = Free Links from BOTW

Link Love & Political Activism = Free Links from BOTW

Link Love & Political Activism = Free Links from BOTW

In an effort to spread the effective offline awareness of political activism, Greg Hartnett has come about with a way for more Americans to get involved with their Right of Free Speech, and possibly even get sites listed in the BOTW directory. Seems that Greg got some link love with some signs that he had posted around Long Island which include a political message revolved around the booting of the current US President from office.

The idea has driven Greg to get more people involved in the political process, whatever their political affiliation, by posting signs in public locations. In an effort to drive the activism along his search engine optimization & marketing peers, Greg is offering three free submissions (to be reviewed before being accepted) to the BOTW Directory for publishers and activists which follow these steps:

1. Go to FreewayBlogger to find out how to make a sign, then post the sign somewhere in public view.
2. Take a picture of the sign, then email it to Greg : email [at] greghartnett [dot] com
3. Greg posts pics of signs to his blog.
4. He then generates a code which is good for three free site submissions to the BOTW Directory

Be forewarned, there is no cheating to be done in this contest as Greg has put forth groundrules:

* The submissions don’t necessarily mean that your site will be listed. You can’t do this, and then submit some garbage, made-for-Adsense site, and expect the editors to accept it. Whichever editor reviews your submission won’t even know that you are a “friend”. So this won’t work as a backdoor to getting your craptastic site listed.

* If you are scummy enough to steal somebody else’s pictures, and send them over as your own, when (not if) you are revealed: (1) your sites will be removed, (2) I will inform the world of your chicanery, and (3) consult with our corporate counsel to see if we can take action.

* Your sign doesn’t have to say “Impeach” or “Bush Lied”. I am not asking you to regurgitate my ideology. You can say whatever you want – if you think that GW is the greatest, and want to tell the world, knock yourself out. I am just looking to get people involved.

* This project should not be interpreted as an official endorsement from BOTW – I am doing this on my own, and my thoughts/comments/actions should not be inferred to represent those of anybody but me. I am sure there are people at work who don’t agree with me; just as I am sure that there are some of you who may not agree with my philosphies. I respect the thoughts of all, and am simply looking to get people involved with the system.

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Link Love & Political Activism = Free Links from BOTW

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