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Link Logically & Better Than Your Competition

Link Logically & Better Than Your Competition

Link Logically & Better Than Your Competition

Before you go spending countless manpower and a huge budget on your linking campaign be sure to do a full competitive analysis of your competition’s backlinks and to what degree their link marketing is being carried out as.

You can see who links to your competition by entering this command in the Google, MSN and Yahoo search boxes:


In some cases your link strategy may be a bit too rich for your niche or local target market and you may not need to launch the ‘perfect’ link campaign.

Jarrod Hunt writes in his post on the Text Link Broker’s blog, You Dont Need Perfect Links, You Only Need Better Links Then Your Competitors:

While Google will continually give lower quality links less weight and in some rare cases, no weight at all, it will not matter as long as you have better links then the other people in your industry.

In some industries something as simple as reciprocal links could be all you need to build in order to outdo your competition. While reciprocal links carry very little weight anymore in Google, they still carry some weight, and there are still some very non-competitive terms out there where a site could rank well with reciprocals alone especially if there are very little other websites targeting those industry terms.

In the case where you are in a competitive industry where companies are spending tens of thousands of dollars to build natural looking links through “More Advanced” linking methods reciprocals are obviously going to do very little for you.

In other words, a site trying to target the “Chesapeake Bay Rockfish Tours” rankings on Google should not model their linking campaign after someone targeting “office supplies” or “web hosting.”

Doing such may be like showing up to the local Saturday night drag race in Jeff Gordon’s Nascar Series Chevy Monte Carlo when everyone else is driving supped up ’86 Chevy Chevettes.

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Link Logically & Better Than Your Competition

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