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Link Building Wiki, Search Wiki & Wikipedia SEO

Link Building Wiki, Search Wiki & Wikipedia SEO

Text Link Brokers has a new resource / link bait magnet up and running called the Link Building Wiki, chocked full of plenty of info and links to forums and blog entries on link building practices. Jarod at TLB says they will be adding to the resource on a daily basis and since it’s a wiki, so can its readers – if you become an admin:

The main goal of this wiki is to provide a central repository for all information related to link building. In order to prevent spam this wiki is only editable by admins. If you are interested in helping contribute to the link building wiki, please contact We would be happy to give credit (promotion) to authors who actively contribute.

This also reminds me that I started a Wiki project a while back which really never got off the ground,, and after you review the Link Building Wiki, feel free to contribute to and build the “Wikipedia of the Search Community.” After shelfing the idea, I’ve now decided to throw it out to the public (or to the sharks) to see which direction it goes; search resource or spam target (which would be wiki-di whacked!). Hopefully the will follow the resource direction.

Speaking of Wikipedia, Bill is still working on his Rewriting of the Wikipedia entry on SEO Project which can be read about on Search Engine Journal or Bill’s SEO by the SEA blog.

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Link Building Wiki, Search Wiki & Wikipedia SEO

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