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How Link Building Has Changed In 2014: Interview With Prashant Puri

As part of SEJ's coverage of Searchmetrics x SEJ conference, Prashant Puri of AdLift discussed how link building has changed over the months.

As part of our coverage from the sold-out Searchmetrics x Search Engine Journal conference in San Francisco on SEO, content marketing, and analytics, I caught up with Prashant Puri of AdLift to discuss how link building has changed over the past few months.

What’s going on with link building, and what can you do to keep up with the changes? How can business owners attract better links to their website? Prashant explains in the video below.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Links are still the best way for Google to determine the overall authority of a site. What’s changed is the emphasis on the quality of links.
  • Gone are the days of scaling link building, building anchor-text targeted links, and things like that.
  • Marketers need to be more aware of what their link profile looks like, and understand what the link profile looks like of the sites you want to acquire links from.
  • There is a lot more due diligence needed compared to where we were 6 or 8 months ago.
  • Prashant believes in a three-pronged approach to acquiring links. First, create share-worthy content. Second, identify the sites you want to go after and acquire links from. And third, do your due diligence when it comes to earning those links.
  • For clients, Prashant focuses on building 1-3 high quality links versus a large quantity of lower quality links.
  • To determine a quality link, look at things like Majestic SEO’s trust flow metric. Look at social metrics and who is writing content for the site.
  • One of the big changes Prashant expects to see over the next few years is Google moving away from PageRank and looking at Author Rank instead.

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How Link Building Has Changed In 2014: Interview With Prashant Puri

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