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Link Building : Blogs, Sponsors & Eyes and Brain Massager

Link Building : Blogs, Sponsors & Eyes and Brain Massager

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger is orchestrating a group writing project for professional bloggers who are interested in participation. Darren has done so in the past, with excellent participation from the blogging community.

This latest project’s theme will be that of Lists (a favorite PR/linking spin of many) and to kick off the campaign and hopefully attract new bloggers, Darren is offering prizes which will be handed out to five random participants.

Your task is to write a ‘list post’ (new posts please, not previously posted ones if possible) – or a post that is largely some type of list. It might be a ‘top ten’ type list, a ‘how to’ type list, a ‘my favorite…’ type list – whatever you like. I’ve chosen this topic because it’s adaptable to most topics (I’m looking forward to seeing the variety of types of lists that are submitted).

Darren gave his readers the chance to submit Prize ideas, which could range from gift certificates to services to products. The prize ideas by Darren were chosen on the basis of value to the blogger & originality.

Being a professional blogger myself, I’ve been debating on the purchase of a certain item which could relieve some of the late night eye stress I’ve been noticing since beginning this career path. Sure, eye exercises are incredible for the computer worker, as is sufficient lighting and taking a rest and stretch every 30 minutes; while drinking lots of water… but sometimes we need that extra kick.

So, in an effort to be chosen as a sponsor and market a certain directory project I’ve been working on lately I pitched my idea of an Eye and Brain Massager:

i-See230 Eyes and Brain Massager

* 11 massaging styles / Natural music / Adjustable rubber joint for different facial size / Foldaway and portable
* Prevent myopia, restrain increasing.
* Prevent eye disease caused by computer, dispel weariness in the eye and brain
* Restrain neurasthenia and help to improve sleep quality.

Based on the theory of traditional acupuncture in the Chinese medicine, this product generates the micro current of multiple frequencies by a hi-tech IC chip, which dredges important acupuncture points in the eye and brain, stimulates the hemangiectasis of the capillary vessel, activates the cells in the eye and brain, accelerates the microcirculation of the blood, increase the oxygen supply to the eye and brain, rapidly relaxes the nerve in the brain, relieves the pressure in the eye and improves your sleep.

If you keep the use of the product, you will obviously strengthen your memory, improve your eyesight and activate your mind.

I found this to be a product which bloggers could especially use and hopefully it will draw more participants to Darren’s project.

Additionally, it only costs $45 and this project is guaranteed to attract multiple high quality links to the sponsors, such being a well spent investment in quality link building, which should average about $2.50 per link (maximum). If the end result is 18 links, I’ll be quite happy with the sponsorship project, which should prove that the right idea at the right time and understanding ones’ target demographic are key components to link baiting (even the commercial kind).

For more information on How To Participate in Darren’s project visit Lists – Group Writing Project @

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Link Building : Blogs, Sponsors & Eyes and Brain Massager

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