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Librarians’ Internet Index Adds New Search Technology

Librarians’ Internet Index Adds New Search Technology

One of the most trusted and quality oriented directories on the Internet, the Librarians’ Internet Index (or has recently undergone some changes to its search and navigational features. Gary Price has the scoop on ResourceShelf :

The new Librarians’ Internet Index database is online today powered by the very cool and even more useful Siderean faceted search technology.

More later but mega kudos to Karen and her team. We’re confident that this newly installed tech will make the already invaluable LII even more indispensible. Trust us folks, this is some cool tech.

You’ll notice that the home page has a slightly different look. Each topic lists fewer subtopics but invites you to click for more. For example, here’s the see more subtopics page for media. The number in the parens show how many entries in that topic. For example, Broadcasting has 38 entries. Another click and the real power of Siderean takes over. More about that below. In just a few well guided and easy to understand clicks (granted, their is a learning curve here but not very much) we were quickly able to browse to sites about notable people in broadcasting.

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Librarians’ Internet Index Adds New Search Technology

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