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Leveraging Data for Better Marketing: An Interview with Chris Golec

Chris Golec shares in an interview with SEJ the marketing benefits of leveraging data.

As part of our SEJ interview series, I recently caught up with Chris Golec of DemandBase to discuss the marketing benefits of leveraging data.

In the video below, Chris explains how companies are leveraging data to make better marketing decisions.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • It’s now about bringing data together that used to sit in different places. Think of all the data that might sit with your ad agency, all the data that sits in your website logs, and all the data that sits in your CRM system. It’s tricky to pull that all together and gain insight into what it means.
  • When you combine these different datasets, you start to see some real interesting insights. For example, look at the sales pipeline for a particular customer and look at all the deals that are supposed to close this quarter. Then look at the web activity for those companies and you can tell which of those deals aren’t going to close. Chris says by virtue of the fact the company hasn’t been on your website this month, you know they’re not going to close with you. “It doesn’t matter what the sales person says, I can guarantee you it’s not closing.”
  • You can expose pipeline risk, as mentioned in the above point, but you can also expose hidden opportunities where there’s a lot of interest but no one is calling on the customer. You have to go after those signals, Chris says.
  • Previously, we would push this type of information into Google Analytics and then a web analytics person would have access to the information, but it would never get to the sales people. With a new product recently launched by DemandBase, called Performance Manager, all that information is right at your finger tips. Chris says with this new tool it’s very easy to send vital information to the VP of sales and say “Hey look, this large company is on our site and these are their interests. We should reach out.”

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Leveraging Data for Better Marketing: An Interview with Chris Golec

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