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LeapFish : Instant Search Results as You Type

LeapFish : Instant Search Results as You Type

It’s not that often that I review new search engines, but Izea asked me to put together a sponsored post about LeapFish and after checking it out, I have to admit that it is an incredibly useful and fast searching tool which assists users to search Google in real time. Services which run off the Google API and utilize Google to actually deliver a better user experience than Google itself seem to always amaze me, and LeapFish has been added to this list.

LeapFish uses a “click free” search interface which delivers universal search results on the fly as the user types in keywords. Similar to Google Suggest or possibly even Yahoo Search Assist, LeapFish differentiates itself by actually serving search results as the user types, proving itself to be time saving and unearth possible search terms or results which the casual Googler would not normally think of or dive into.

Defaulting with Google Search, LeapFish also offers the ability to search via Yahoo and MSN, but the real experience in the in diversity of the results served themselves.

  • A simple search using Google and LeapFish results in instant Google Web Search results followed by Google Blog Search results.
  • Then to the right of the page, in almost an 3D style fashion, News Items are delivered via Yahoo News, Videos via YouTube and images via various image search engines.
  • Dependent on the search, Shopping results are also served, fueled by eBay and (via affiliate partnerships I presume) and then Yahoo Answers results finish out the search items.

LeapFish explains its service as “an all-in-one time saver that eliminates clicks and keystrokes coupled with a nimble search application that allows you to modify search characters and get instantaneous results on-the-fly.”

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LeapFish : Instant Search Results as You Type

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