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Leaked Google Documents Outline Internal Company Goals

Internal company papers from Google somehow found their way outside of the Googleplex and into the hands of Google Blogoscoped’s Philipp Lenssen.

Philipp has not published the papers but has outlined some of the Google Internal Company Goals which Google is working on including a new beefed up Google News (Google has been transferring blogs out of Google News and into Google Blog Search for a couple of months now and has already added Blog Search as an option in Google News searching).

Google Blogoscoped highlights these key points of the leaked documents:

* Google wants to have an improved infrastructure to make their engineers more productive. This includes allowing employees to have a universal search tool “containing all public Google information searched on all Google searches.” Google also wants to build 10MW of green power to be on track to be carbon neutral. (They also want to reduce “Borg disk waste” by 50%… hmmm, Borg?)

* Google wants to be the best in search – no surprise here. To reach that goal, Google wants to have the world’s top AI research laboratory. They are also focusing on getting rid of spam in the top 20 user languages, and increasing the accuracy of information they collect (through measures such as annotation). Another part of improving search is to always launch crucial user interface updates “that people love.”

* Google wants to push their ad system. E.g. in 2006, one of their aims was to sell $1B of new inventory. Google feels that if they make the world’s inventory available “marketers will come.”

* Google also wants to push their communities and content. According to the papers Google published, Google Video has 50% of the world’s “online video attention” (a number that’s hard to believe, and especially interesting because Google still ended up buying YouTube). Google also emphasized that a fifth of all communication bandwidth – on Google-owned properties, I suppose – is read through Gmail.

* Google tries to make sure their tools are running everywhere. In around mid-2006, according to their internal numbers 60 Million Google Packs had been installed, but they still want to increase the deployment… especially for “novice users.”

* Google is always focusing on innovation. One of their top goals in 2006 thus was to “increase the scale of innovation,” even as the internal headcount grows (a growth which dozens of engineering scouts located around the world ensure).

Again, the full review on Google Blogoscoped

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Leaked Google Documents Outline Internal Company Goals

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