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Later Gator! Gator Changes Name to Claria

Gator, the controversial AdWare company that earlier in the month sued to have the label of *spyware* detached from their ad serving technology, today announced a corporate name change to Claria Corporation, The company’s eWallet technology will continue to bear the Gator name.

Claria/Gator is a content and behavior targeting ad serving device, associated with contextual targeting. Contextual targeting can be anything from syndicated search engine pay-per-click buys on editorial-related web sites to delivery of ads by way of software, typically downloaded by a user but sometimes surreptiously bundled in with another download.

Gator’s contextually targted ads pop up or “fly in” when you visit a relevant site or search for a term on a search engine.

Gator’s initial attraction to Internet users was (and probably still is) the fact that its software fills in online forms in one easy click. In exchange for free use of this eWallet, Gator then introduced ads and the free user must now allow themselves to be subjected to these ads; if the user prefers not to see the ads, they can purchase the no-ad version for $30.

Gator’s advertisements consist of pop-ups, “fly-ins,” “sliders,” and in some cases images that appear over the banner ads purchased on sites. It calls its ad programs Gator Advertising and Information Network (GAIN).

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Later Gator! Gator Changes Name to Claria

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