Kudzu.com Local Search Growing Outside of Atlanta

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Ever take a drive down to Atlanta, Georgia? If you have, you probably had the chance to experience Kudzu. Kudzu is the Japanese weed which was plant to the US for erosion control which has no natural predators and grows so fast it can cover a span of road or patch of trees in a day.

Kudzu.com, owned by Cox Search, Inc., is an Atlanta based local search engine which connects consumers with area services and businesses. Like its namesake, Kudzu.com is a hit in Atlanta and hopefully will grow outside of the city, into the new markets of San Diego, Las Vegas and Arizona.

“Kudzu.com exemplifies how the Internet excels in empowering consumers to educate and arm themselves before they purchase, hire or recommend a local service or business,” said Tom Bates, general manager of Kudzu.com and vice president of Cox Search Inc. “Given the tremendous success and usage we’ve enjoyed in our first market, Atlanta, we’re ready to bring our local search engine and experience to these fast-growing metro areas.”

Since its May 2005 launch in Atlanta, the Kudzu.com local search engine has measured over 1.7 million unique visitors, with listings and customer reviews for services across the board.

Kudzu.com’s Atlanta stats include:

* 135,000 Atlanta-area service businesses listed in 146 categories.
* 16,000 listed businesses have upgraded their Kudzu.com listings to
include more detailed information, photos, video tips/ads, maps, special
deals and more.
* 45,000+ customer reviews.
* Month over month audience growth its first year of operation.

Setting itself apart from other local search engines, the Kudzu.com Atlanta site also offers a richer customer experience with video guides, “Ask the Experts,” promotional deals and discounts, and Kudzu.com Guides, which provide step-by-step instructions on how to choose the best service professional from relocation to renovation, party planning to pets.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • http://www.telemapics.com MDob


    I just found your note of Kudzu and am very interested in Local Search. I will have to look them up. Also, just for reference, we have published a new white paper titled :Local Search: Time for a Tune up”? A link to the paper can be found on our homepage (www.telemapics.com ). The paper is free, non-commercial and does not require registration to download a copy.

  • http://homereports.com Paul

    Another great source in Atlanta is a publication called Home Reports. I believe their homepage is http://www.homereports.com . They do market research on contractors in the Atlanta area and they use consumer reviews as well as a grading scale to publish contractors in their listing. You can’t just pay to be in it. Pretty useful book for locals here in Atlanta.

  • noneya

    kudzu does not show the best businesses. all of the businesses on the top of their lists pay to be there. so no one can really trust that the comments and ratings are real. its a scam.

  • Gary

    Rob – I’ve seen Local Price. Interesting concept. I like the look and feel as well.

  • http://none Jennifer

    I agree that kudzu.com is completely useless. I found my home inpection company and my vet at some point on kudzu.com ( both at the top of their category) and they were both terrible. I fact, We’ve lost almost $10,000 in repairs because of the issues the inspection company missed ( #1 rated on kudzu). To write a review on kudzu all you need is an email address. I could easily create 10-20 email addresses on yahoo or google and write reviews for my own business. Nobody would even know.

    As for home reports, I received a copy of it and looked up the companies that did the repairs on our house that we bought recently. These were the companies we were not happy with ( one foundation repair company, one termite repair). They are both rated as the best ones for years on home reports. Just to show that this is NOT just my personal opinion, I contacted Georgia Department of Agriculture ( who oversees the termite companies) when dealing with my termine company and the inspector from GDA had only bad things to say about this company. So how is it listed as the best one on home reports. Maybe it’s true that you can’t pay Home Reports to have it listed, but I’m sure home reports accepts paid advertising from these companies to be included in their report. If they rated some company as bad, do you think that company would buy advertising space from them?

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    pricethatatlanta.com is the domain name i own not kudzu.com. correction.