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Know What Your Customers Are Going To Ask Before They Ask It: Interview With Jessica Rose

As part of our SEJ interview series, Jessica Rose of Majestic SEO discusses why it’s crucial to know what questions your customers are going to ask before they ask them.

Jessica is the Customer Service Manager at Majestic SEO where she deals with the same questions day in and day out. Being able to anticipate questions and preparing responses in advance helps her serve customers more effectively.

Hear more about how she does this in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Take a step back and look at things from a customer’s perspective, Jessica suggests.
  • If your business deals with specialized terminology, as Majestic SEO does, realize while you and your team know what the terms mean they are often new to most people.
  • At Majestic SEO Jessica deals with questions relating to terms like citation flow and trust flow from customers wondering why they need to care about these things.
  • In cases like this it’s best to have material prepared to help educate your customers, which in turn will help them get more value out of the products and services you offer.
  • An answer Jessica has prepared to describe citation flow is simply: the volume of link juice flowing into a particular site.
  • Majestic SEO has developed a number of unique metrics to help website owners make good decisions about backlinks.
  • Majestic SEO has also developed a search engine called Search Explorer where users can search for key terms and find out who has built up the most trust around those terms.

If you have any questions after watching the video, please ask them in the comments section and I will do my best to respond to everyone! Please visit SEJ’s YouTube page for more video interviews.

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Know What Your Customers Are Going To Ask Before They Ask It: Interview With Jessica Rose

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