Now You Can Claim Your Authorship On Bing With New Klout Integration

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Klout announced today in a blog post that they have teamed up with Bing to form a pseudo-authorship alliance, similar to Google+ Authorship, that will appear in search results pages.

Bing is calling their answer to Google Authorship “Snapshots”, which allows anyone with a Klout profile to verify and manage how they appear in Bing search results based on their social media profiles.

Snapshots will display an individual’s social media icons, Klout score, as well as their two most influential Twitter moments over the past week and the best of their Instagram feed from the past three months. Snapshots will also pull professional accomplishments, such as experience and education, from your LinkedIn profile.

Here is an example from the Klout blog of what Snapshots will look like:

If you would like to set that up for your content here’s what you have to do. First you have to have Klout and LinkedIn accounts that are connected to each other. Then you can claim your Bing snapshot by going here.

After you claim your snapshot you can tweak exactly what information about you gets displayed in the Bing search results pages. The functionality is live as of today, so it can be set up as you’re done reading this post if you wish.

What do you think about Klout Snapshots? Will you be claiming yours? Let me know in the comments section!

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Matt Southern
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