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Kidneys or Lungs? SEO or PPC? eMarketing Biology 101.

I was catching up with some of my podcast subscriptions and listened to the SEO Rockstars Episode from 12/19 with Greg “WebGuerrilla” Boser and Todd “Mad Oilman” Friesen. They talked about the post of Dave Pasternack at DMNews which I talked about on November 27 here at SEJ and also left a long comment at Dave’s Blog itself.

Greg promised a post with interesting details. I headed over to and checked. There it was: “Talking Frogs“. A “nice” rant followed by a lot more comments. I left a comment there which is currently waiting for approval*.

*God I hate that, especially if I do not agree with the writer. I always double check that the post will be approved since such comments have a much higher “tendency” to “fall victim” to the spam filter than positive comments (which is somehow convenient, isn’t it?).

Get a good filter, let all comments through or error out that it was deleted because the software thinks it was spam and then publish it.

If you don’t like it, feel free to delete it, that would suck, but at least be honest. This was not directed at you directly Greg, but in general to blogs with heated discussions that hold comments for moderation. Sorry for the site-note, but I always forget blogging it in its own article, so I squeezed it in here. The topic is broader anyway. 🙂

I will not start any flaming against Did-It or something like that. I hope they learned their lesson and I consider this hidden post on their site an amendment of their public post at DMNews in the fashion of a Newspaper making an amendment of a front page news story a week later on page 27 between the classifieds and cut out coupons.

I hope that Greg will approve the comment the next days (latest Tuesday) so I will not repeat the parts about what to do with posts that are wrong and potentially harm your business. But the other point I will repeat, because the point is much too important in general, to be “sitting” there being burried as a comment # XX at somebody’s blog.

… everybody should keep in mind is the fact that SEM and SEO are each only ONE element of a clients overall Internet Marketing Strategy. There is no best type of Advertising.

In today’s online business reality is it critical to engage in all major types of marketing that have considerable reach. More important than just doing any of them is to align them and support and leverage each other.

Analytics of all incoming, outgoing and on-site traffic, Email Marketing, Web Site Usability and Conversion Path Analysis and Improvement, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, PPC Advertising, SEO etc. etc.

The debate between SEO and PPC is like the Kidneys discussing with the Lungs which of them is more important and if the person can live without any of them. No, he can’t! If not dying quickly because being kept alive artificially, he will eventually die, because BOTH are vital and you can’t live without any of them an extended period of time. ….

So next time SEO and SEM clash consider this. You both need the same client and the client needs you both as well, not fighting with each other, but working together. Greg pointed that part actually out very nicely in his example about using PPC for SEO and vice versa.

And also.. it does not end there. Other Marketing Types are also not unimportant and to belittled. Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising (as much as I am tempted) and certainly not Web Analytics which should be the Peace Keepers of Internet Marketing, because they should work closely together with everything and everybody and be something like the glue that’s keeping all the types of marketing together and close to each other.

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Kidneys or Lungs? SEO or PPC? eMarketing Biology 101.

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