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3+ Keyword and Topic Visualization Tools

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3+ Keyword and Topic Visualization Tools

Very often you can’t grasp the topic until you sit down and map it on the sheet of paper. Sometimes, you also need someone else’s input to see how others perceive the topic. Well, the good news is that there are online tools that can offer this “external” help in any topic visualization. Use them when:

  • Doing a keyword research to see more related terms and phrases;
  • Doing initial topic research to see neighboring niches;
  • Brainstorming for new article ideas for your website or blog, etc.

Entity Association Graph

MSN Entity Association Graph visualizes “the associations between entities by mining the co-occurrences of entities in search queries or search sessions” (note: I couldn’t get it working for search sessions).


  • Associated terms (“entities” or “nodes”): the number in each node represents the frequency of the entity name in the sample search log data.
  • Relations between the core term and associated terms: the number between two nodes indicates how closely they are related. You can specify the edge strength of the graph.
  • Relationship / edge types: co-occurrence or MI (point-wise mutual information).

Entity Association Graph

Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus (reviewed by me previously) visualizes lexical relationships between various word meanings.


  • view semantic relationship between words;
  • rotate word maps in three dimensions to reveal complex relationships;
  • see each word definitions when hovering over.

Visual Thesaurus

Wikipedia Visualization Tools

VisWiki visualizes relations between topics based on how they are interlinked within Wikipedia article. Clicking “Related” brings forth more neighboring topics:


EyePlorer (previously reviewed by me on SEJ) visualizes knowledge graphs (k-graphs) derived from Wikipedia content.


  • Topic clustering by associations;
  • Topic relations (double-click on any eyespot);
  • Topic combinations (explore related eyespots of two or more topics combined).



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