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Keyword Density of Non-Sense

Keyword Density of Non-Sense

Keyword Density of Non-Sense

I haven’t talked about the topic of keyword density in a really long time. Why? Basically because I have never used it when writing pages. Last week, the resident scientist at SEW forum (orion), Dr. E. Garcia, wrote a detailed article for e-marketing-news named The Keyword Density of Non-Sense. In that article he clearly detailed his objections to using keyword research tools and keyword density analyzers when optimizing a Web site. There was a session at SES NYC 2005, the last session of the conference, named Advanced Search Term Research Tools.

After the panelist spoke, Dr. Garcia took the mic and gave a five minute speech on how some of the tools these vendors were providing were “bad.” It is unfortunate that Dr. Garcia did not have more time to make his point, but most of the panelist agreed with him. His point was, as the article says at the end, “To sum up, the assumption that KD values could be taken for estimates of term weights or that these values could be used for optimization purposes amounts to the Keyword Density of Non-Sense.”

After you read the article, feel free to join the thread and discuss your thoughts. One thing many say is that they do not have other options, so they rely on these tools. But its extremely important to understand the math behind the tools, if the math doesn’t work, you need to know.

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