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“Kerry Edwards” Auctioning off

If only I was a Kerry, or an Edwards, or both… for the feelgood story of the week – Kerry Edwards, part time bail bondsman, is selling the domain name he bought two years ago – for a pretty penny.

In March of 2002, Indianapolis bail bondsman Kerry Edwards was an average American looking to build his own Web page to display family photos. More than two years later and on the eve of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), Mr. Edwards, the longtime owner of, is sitting on a very hot piece of Internet real estate.

Having received unsolicited offers of up to $150,000 for the domain, Mr. Edwards has announced that he will auction the rights to to the highest bidder – Republican, Democrat or whoever.

The auction will be held exclusively at, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling Internet domain names, from July 19-July 31, 2004. With the DNC set to begin just days after the start of the auction, Massachusetts-based will open the bidding at $150,000, and there is no reserve price. will use a public auction format for — where bidders can make an offer directly through and the listing will be continuously updated to reflect the current highest offer.

“I’m not an independently wealthy individual, unfortunately, and so it’s in the interest of my family to auction the rights to the domain,” said the 34-year old Edwards. “Once I received substantial unsolicited offers, I believed it was time to engage a professional organization like that specializes in brokering domain names to maximize this opportunity for my family.”

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“Kerry Edwards” Auctioning off

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