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Kerry and Bush Election Popularity Tracked on Blog Monitor

Kerry and Bush Election Popularity Tracked on Blog Monitor

Kerry and Bush Election Popularity Tracked on Blog Monitor

The Democratic and Republican Conventions respectively cast John Kerry and George W. Bush into the eyes of those who are in their election day decision making. Besides helping to define the candidates’ campaigns, the conventions also legitimized and gave respect to bloggers – the online writers who use their blogs as political opinion powerhouses which can have the power to sway those so eagerly fought over undecided votes.

Intelliseek, a marketing analytics firm that helps companies and brands measure buzz and word-of-mouth, has launched Campaign Radar 2004, a free web service that analyzes and displays political issues and trends among the nation’s blog writers through the upcoming election. The service draws from Intelliseek’s BlogPulse, which tracks over two million blogs every day.

Powered by the same technology behind Intelliseek’s buzz monitoring services for Fortune 1000 brands, Campaign Radar 2004 provides daily analysis of key political issues being discussed in blogs, top links appearing in blogs and sample excerpts from bloggers who are spreading opinions about candidates, issues and the upcoming election season. (“Blog” is short for “web log,” an easily published online journal that now represents one of the fastest growing areas of consumer-generated media on the Internet).

In addition to daily lists of top issues and how they’re being discussed in the political blogosphere, Campaign Radar 2004 also will provide two daily trend graphs — one that tracks blog discussion on presidential and vice presidential candidates (Bush-Cheney; Kerry-Edwards; Nader-Camejo; Badnarik-Campagna) and a separate graph that tracks top issues: the war in Iraq, the economy, healthcare, the environment and education.

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