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Travel search engine is now offering “Trip Ideas”, a travel community where users can create and share travel destination “wish lists”. is then providing real-time fares and availability for every “wish list” destination, which skips numerous steps in fare and hospitality research. The addition is a nice 2.0 spin to the existent offering.

So, ideally, if I put together a dream list on Kayak of a trip around the world and destinations I wish to visit, Kayak suggests available flights to each locale and hotel room prices for sleeping. Then, I can send that list to all of my friends, plan a group trip around it, or maybe someone else will see the list and embark on the vacation themselves.

Community should work well for, as other sites like TripAdvisor and services such as Yahoo Travel are built around it. This is also a springboard for user registrations as well as user generated reviews on airlines, bungalows, and crusies.

Like other 2.0 commercial ventures there are some sponsored “wish lists” in Kayak Trip Ideas, like those from Travel Channel; Travel + Leisure; GolfDigest; Lonely Planet; and, the Web site of Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel magazine. Such lists are labeled as sponsors.

“Trip Ideas is the first phase of what we call ‘Kayak Alive’ which emphasizes user-generated content that can be shared with friends and other users,” said Dean Harris, CMO of “Similar to popular hotel review sites, Trip Idea lists are third party endorsements of destinations, hotels, events and more. Consumers will use Trip Ideas to research vacation options, share favorite destinations, or discuss travel plans with friends and family.”

Kayak lists these steps for creating lists:

* Go to the “Fare Buzz” tab on
* Users can create an original list or use an existing list found elsewhere on the Web. * To add a new Trip Idea, consumers complete a simple form with Trip Idea name, category and a list of three or more destinations.
* Fields for additional content, URL and photos are optional.

Consumers can easily browse Trip Ideas by the following topics: recently posted, most popular, category (beach, family, romantic, skiing, singles, etc) or enter a specific search term such as “Whale Watching” or “Caribbean.” All lists can be emailed to friends and family or saved in “Your Trip Ideas” for later viewing and use. Registered users can receive Kayak Buzz Alerts for their favorite Trip Ideas, and starting March 9, receive RSS feeds.

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SEJ STAFF Loren Baker Founder at Foundation Digital

Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing ... Travel Search Adds User Wish Lists

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