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KartOO Search Engine Adds Entireweb Results

KartOO Search Engine Adds Entireweb Results

KartOO, the old school graphical search results clustering engine, is now working with Entireweb, which will supply search results to Kartoo. Don’t worry if you’re a KartOO users and are worried about the quality of its results faltering, KartOO is a meta-search engine and Entireweb will help fuel the KartOO engine, not power the entire thing.

Marcus Andersson, Entireweb’s CEO feels that this partnership is a big step for his search engine: “This new partnership will help us to become an even better provider of high quality search results and also add some extra value to KartOO and it’s users.”

Entireweb feels that its search offering is a bit different from the majors, as Entireweb “works very hard to increase the quality of the search results and not mainly focusing on the size of the index.”

Entireweb owns the technology which used to be Euroseek and the Swedish search engine has over 100 million indexed documents. From Entireweb “The search technology currently powering Entireweb is capable of delivering quality results to millions of search queries every day, and to do so at staggering speeds. This has made Entireweb a favorite search engine for hordes of people, and a trusted partner for such leading search services as Mamma and Iqxuick.

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KartOO Search Engine Adds Entireweb Results

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