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Kanoodle Rebrands, Now Seevast

Kanoodle Rebrands, Now Seevast

Kanoodle Rebrands, Now Seevast

Kanoodle has now shed their skin and is rebranding as Seevast, here’s the release : Building on more than seven years of innovation and success, Kanoodle today announced that Seevast will be a parent company overseeing three distinct operating companies and will be managed by seasoned industry professionals to provide the latest Web-based marketing services for its clients.

The company is also announcing the acquisition of, the industry leader in domain sales and asset management, which includes domain name registration and management, live domain auctions, escrow, appraisals and domain traffic monetization services.

The Kanoodle content-targeted sponsored links business will become a self-standing operating company, to be branded Pulse 360. The Kanoodle brand will continue to be associated with search-targeted sponsored links, as it has been since 1999.

“As online marketing continues to change and expand, and domain names are now considered valuable assets, Seevast’s structure will allow our three operating units to have a sharper, tighter focus on enhancing services for our customers and give us a platform for future growth,” said Lance Podell, chief executive officer. “While will continue to operate independently, this addition demonstrates our mission to operate innovative web marketing businesses that drive sales, build brands and increase the value of the core assets for our clients.”

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