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Kanoodle Offers Local Targeted Contextual Advertising

Kanoodle Offers Local Targeted Contextual Advertising

Kanoodle today announced the launch of Kanoodle’s LocalTarget(tm), currently the only available sponsored links product built solely for local targeting on content pages. LocalTarget provides advertisers with the opportunity to more accurately target local customers via Kanoodle’s topic-matching approach to listings on market-specific Web pages. Kanoodle contextually targeted text ads appear on USAToday, MSNBC, and on publisher sites running Kanoodle BrightAds.

LocalTarget is an ideal targeting solution for local businesses, as well as national chains with local budgets and nationwide service providers with localized products. For example, advertisers looking to target the Baltimore market select the LocalTarget topic of “Baltimore.” These listings are then mapped to the content pages of a local media property which targets the Baltimore market. Using LocalTarget, advertisers can better target customers in a specific market, drive additional customers to local brick and mortar outlets or increase their brand presence in a particular geographic area.

“Kanoodle is focused on providing sponsored links products to address all of the Web’s content and search pages and LocalTarget is the next step to connecting advertisers with their ideal customer online,” said Lance Podell, chief executive officer of Kanoodle. “LocalTarget ensures relevancy while providing the same freedom and control as our other sponsored links products, which makes LocalTarget a ‘must buy’ for advertisers looking to reach customers in a specific geographic location.”

“The majority of buying and selling happens locally. As a result, both national and local businesses spend close to $100 million annually trying to reach consumers in specific markets,” said Greg Sterling, an interactive local media analyst from The Kelsey Group. “The ability to effectively target ads locally therefore presents a huge opportunity.”

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Kanoodle Offers Local Targeted Contextual Advertising

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