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Kanoodle Launches ClickFactor for Contextually Targeted Advertising, Inc. today announced the launch of their ClickFactor(tm) ranking system, a proprietary method that will determine the ranking of Kanoodle’s ContextTarget(tm) listings on partner Web sites. ClickFactor is designed to maximize the effectiveness of advertisers’ ContextTarget campaigns by putting the most relevant ads in front of the right people at the right time. For publishers, ClickFactor enhances the relevancy of ContextTarget listings, providing further assurance that only suitable links will appear on their content pages.

An ad’s position is now determined by its ClickFactor, a combination of the ratio of clicks an advertiser’s listing receives compared to other advertisers within the same topic and its bid price. Thus, advertisers with more effective listings will receive higher placement.

Kanoodle’s ranking system is the only one in the industry that provides specific feedback and direction for advertisers to manage their listings, helping them to create the most relevant ads possible. If an advertiser revises or optimizes their listing, Kanoodle will test its new ClickFactor by putting the ad back in rotation to measure its performance. Then advertisers will receive a report in their account, which tells them each listing’s ClickFactor and the bid price necessary to achieve the desired placement.

“Better relevancy benefits all parties – advertisers get higher click-through rates and conversions, publishers receive higher yield per page and consumers receive ads that make sense in relation to the content they are reading,” said Lance Podell, president of Kanoodle. “Advertisers demand control of their campaigns and we will continue to provide the specific data necessary to meet this need.”

Kanoodle’s ContextTarget places paid listings alongside content from some of the Web’s most respected sites including CBS, and The Motley Fool. Their unique marketplace puts control back in the hands of advertisers, allowing them to plan, buy, measure and optimize content buys separately from search. For publishers, Kanoodle protects editorial integrity, guaranteeing that only relevant ads appear next to publishers’ content. Additionally, their tools give access to real-time measurement of volume and traffic quality, providing the transparency and measurement necessary to unlock the value of sponsored links.

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Kanoodle Launches ClickFactor for Contextually Targeted Advertising

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