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Kanoodle BrightAds Challenges Google AdSense

Kanoodle BrightAds Challenges Google AdSense

Kanoodle, provider of sponsored listings for search results and content pages, today announced the launch of BrightAds(tm), a self-service tool for small- to medium-sized content publishers that will enable them to run Kanoodle’s content-targeted sponsored links on their sites. With the launch of BrightAds, Kanoodle enters the market of competing against Google AdSense to secure small and medium sized publishers.

A unique benefit of BrightAds is that it maps ads by “topics” rather than keywords, which prevents core keyword mapping challenges and provides publishers with ads that are more relevant to their site’s content. This protects the editorial integrity of publishers’ sites, ensuring that the ads appearing on each page are directly related to the context of the reader and are not dependent on arbitrary keywords.

Furthermore, BrightAds is the first self-service network to combine the scalability of dynamic targeting with the integrity of editorial review. Relevance generates more clicks and more conversions to sale for advertisers, ultimately resulting in higher revenue for the publisher.

One large difference of Kanoodle’s BrightAds from Google AdSense is the inclusion of Adult oriented content, which Google has kept out of their AdSense system.

“BrightAds offers small- to medium-sized publishers the ability to monetize all of the pages on their sites using the same leading suite of content-targeting products enjoyed by the Web’s leading publishers,” said Doug Perlson, SVP and General Manager of Kanoodle. “BrightAds was created directly from the feedback we received as part of our ongoing dialogue with publishers about what they wanted from an automated network – it was specifically built to be the most publisher-friendly product in the market.”

Kanoodle’s listings have until now only been available to the Web’s largest content publishers, currently running on a number of the Internet’s most well-known and respected sites, including CBS MarketWatch,, and others.

Key features of the BrightAds network include:

* The ability for publishers to monetize their entire site, even on dynamic content pages;
* An easy to navigate sign-up, review and code generation process;
* The confidence that Kanoodle provides only paid ads, so publishers running ads are always generating revenue;
* A variety of adaptable ad units, giving publishers the flexibility to seamlessly integrate listings into their sites;
* A clearly defined revenue share; and
* An easy payment program, currently including PayPal.

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Kanoodle BrightAds Challenges Google AdSense

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