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Kanoodle Adapts Behavioral Targeting to Text Ads, With Help from 24/7

Kanoodle and 24/7 Real Media announced today that they have joined forces to release BehaviorTarget, a behaviorally- targeted sponsored links product.

Kanoodle, provider of sponsored links for both search and content, will license Insight XE analytics platform from 24/7 Real Media. Moreover, it will have access to the company’s PPC sponsored links to audience metrics.

The first of its kind available to advertisers and publishers, BehaviorTarget will allow Kanoodle to track and analyze user behavior throughout its network of publishers. By analyzing behavior activity, Kanoodle can identify and subsequently build audience segments. Advertisers can then target their sponsored link campaigns in order to reach customers based on user Internet behavior.

So if someone frequents betting sites and they happen to be reading the morning news, they may be served a gambling ad. Or if someone was shopping for dresses during the week, when checking out wather reports they could be served text ads for an online dress shopping site.

BehaviorTarget joins Kanoodle’s other ad products–Keyword Target and ContextTarget, both in which allow advertisers to control their sponsored links campaigns. It is slated to launch in the second quarter of 2004.

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Kanoodle Adapts Behavioral Targeting to Text Ads, With Help from 24/7

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