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Jux2 Meta Search Engine Adds MSN Results and Firefox Extension

Jux2 Meta Search Engine Adds MSN Results and Firefox Extension

Jux2, the meta-search engine that allows users to compare search results from three major search engines, has announced the launch of several new search enhancements such as the inclusion of MSN search results and a Firefox extension that makes it possible to search Jux2 directly from the browser. As a refresher, Jux2 was on the auction block at the beginning of the year and then acquired via eBay auctions by Douglas Baker.

Baker, who claims to be a frequent Jux2 user, vows continued improvements to the Jux2 engine, explaining that the primary object of Jux2 is to “allow searchers to compare results from the leading search engines, which saves time and ensures that the user is receiving the most relevant search results.”

From Jux2 : Currently, Jux2 has many features that separate it from other meta-search engines. For instance, each return of a query shows in what order it was placed on the other engines, a feature not employed by other meta-search sites, as well as allowing users to filter results by individual search engine.

Jux2 current new features include:

• MSN results have been added to provide a wider breadth of results
• Toolbar options that will work with both Firefox and Internet Explorer
• Desktop access using the jux2 Widget for Yahoo Widget Engine (Mac or PC) or Jack of all Widgets for Apple’s Dashboard.

Jux2 and Douglas Baker are looking for user feedback; “I believe that the users are best qualified to provide recommendations on how jux2 can become a better Meta search engine.” Feedback can be given via commenting on the Jux2 Meta Search Blog or via the Jux2 Feedback Form.

As a sendoff, I thought that I should share this post that I found on the Jux2 blog, Three Reasons Meta-Search Engines are Better than “Plain Jane” Engines.

1. Users are guided to results from the top three mainstream engines.

2. Most corporations are now converting over to an overt, cross-referencing advertising strategy (a la the new X-Men face of This massive media synergy allows for a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” ideology where both producers and consumers benefit.

3. The abundance of information returned by meta engines allows for a wealth of informed and educated consumers. Returned searches are ranked by relevance (and notated by the order in which they appeared on each specific engine), not by opinion.

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Jux2 Meta Search Engine Adds MSN Results and Firefox Extension

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