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Jordan Koene on Preparing Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

Jordan Koene on Preparing Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

Searchmetrics’ Jordan Koene is a speaker at our SEJ Summit Dallas conference on March 31st, where he’ll cover “What You Did Not Plan for in 2015”. No one wants to be left unprepared, so Jordan’s tips will help us become more prepared for what we can’t always expect. He gives tips on how to prepare down below.

But First, More About The SEJ Summit

The SEJ Summit conference ticket cost is being covered by our partner, Searchmetrics, which delivers enterprise SEO and content marketing analysis, recommendations, forecasting, and reporting for companies who want potential customers to find them faster.

If you aren’t in the Dallas area and won’t be able to attend that Summit, don’t lose hope! The SEJ Summit will also be at five other locations this year: Chicago, London, NYC, Miami, and San Francisco.


Here’s some tips from Jordan on how to be better prepared this year:

1. Your presentation will cover unexpected events you did not plan for or overlooked coming in to 2015. What are a few reasons preparation for every new year is so important?

Preparation and planning is fundamental to success, without a clear plan teams are ineffective. You need preparation to help move your organization in a positive SEO direction.

2. You’re also going to cover defensive and offensive strategies to plan for in 2015. Why do you think a mixture of both is ideal?

Well a mixture could be useful, but overall, your plans need to align with the companies’ ambitions. If you are not aggressive enough with your strategies you will never hit your goals. On the contrary, if your brand is established you may want to leverage more defensive strategies. From my point of view it is important to build strategies, which align with the goals.

3. Along those same lines, why do you think being proactive, both in terms of strategy and planning, is so important, especially for enterprise companies?

Enterprise planning is maybe one of the most painful experiences. But being proactive is the only way to get what you need. It is unfortunate in some cases, but critical to make your voice heard and ensure people are aware of your needs.

4. Before Searchmetrics, you worked for eBay. Has your strategy changed, going from an e-commerce giant to a product-based SaaS company?

The funny thing is that the strategies are remarkably similar across companies. At eBay, our primary objective was all about growth and for this reason many of the strategy was focus on gaining more SEO traffic and exposure. At Searchmetrics we are looking for ways to grow our business, we invest in improving our exposure in the market which includes our own SEO efforts.

5. One of the things I love about our industry is that it’s always changing. What is the main area of digital marketing that you think is still “behind” (e.g. more people need to embrace or it’s not as useful as it one day will be)?

This is a great question! Overall I still believe we are struggling with the concept of “content marketing”, many of us still believe this is a new name for link building. In reality it is a much broader topic and it has a larger footprint in content, PR, SEO, and branding. My hope is that we can all focus and prioritize content marketing in effective in ways, which is not just about links.

Thanks Jordan! Don’t forget to request your Summit invite to continue to prepare for 2015.


Featured Image: Peshkova via Shutterstock

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Jordan Koene on Preparing Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

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