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Keeping track of the 2006 World Cup or want to just chat with fellow football (soccer) fans? Want to support your favorite team with a customized Firefox browser look? Or just increase your online productivity? Try the Companion Firefox Extension from Mozilla, Google and

What’s that about increasing online productivity? Yes, according the their Companion does just that:

You can actually increase your online productivity: key game details are delivered in alerts which keeps you updated on the match while working on the Web.

What a great excuse for keeping up on World Cup action while at work using Joga Companion : “I’m increasing my productivity, boss.

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Soccer fans are going wild over Mozilla’s new Firefox add-on, the Companion. With over one million downloads so far, this unique Web tool helps fans get the World Cup information they want in real time, including goals, fouls, videos, schedules, and profiles.

To top it off, the product is free! I think your sports fans would be very interested in learning about this download, especially as the series finals approach. The Companion is all about feeding soccer lovers the information they need in an enhanced Web environment that’s fun and easy to use.

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Joga Bonito!


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