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Jobster Buys Blog

Jobster Buys Blog

Jobster Inc.has acquired, the recruiting industry blog site. will continue to aggregate content from more than 70 recruiting industry blogs as well as drive thought leadership in the industry through original content created by’s team of industry experts.

Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg said of Jobster &; “Jobster is committed to leading an industrywide dialogue on the future of recruiting. Blogs are an important medium for that discussion, and is a great platform. We are thrilled to welcome into the Jobster community.”

Jobster has already begun adding resources to the site, starting with search engine optimization and site marketing designed to increase the visibility of the site in Web searches. The next step for the site will be to make archived content searchable, making it easier for users to locate information.

“Jobster from day one has demonstrated a real understanding of community and how blogs fit into an overall strategy of a company looking to connect with its audience,” said founder Jason Davis. “The resources added to will greatly increase our ability to expand the site’s reach and visibility, ultimately helping us connect with an even bigger audience.”

Jason Davis adds on is much more than a domain name. It’s a Recruiting Blog with multiple writers and usually over 1400 visits a day from mostly people who are interested in what is going on in the WWR (World Wide Recruitosphere) I am laughing right now at how funny that sounds.

There are a number of amazing people who have seriously contributed to in terms of content, personality and lots of great ideas. There is no shortage of ideas in this industry. It has been an amazing pleasure to meet so many people through, both online and off. I feel that a real community is being built and that is exciting.

Jobster has always been a big supporter of the Recruiting Blogosphere and Jason Goldberg who is Jobster’s CEO has not only been an important blog friend of mine but also a valued confidant of I gave Jason Goldberg a call to talk about opportunities and before too long, we realized that it would be great to join forces.

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Jobster Buys Blog

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