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Job Search Service Finds Careers for Bloggers

Job Search Service Finds Careers for Bloggers

Well, I knew all of this blogging, typing, reading and sitting at home for a year learning about blogging would pay off one day!, a Web site launched last month by veteran weblogger Jeremy Wright and, provides a recruitment service that matches employers with bloggers. capitalizes on the exponential growth of weblogs – there are over four million blogs today compared to just 125,000 in March 2003 – to place candidates in jobs that are suited to bloggers or are posted by bloggers.

“Corporate weblogs and sponsored blogs are coming online at a staggering rate. Both companies and individuals are beginning to recognize the value of hiring someone to blog on their Web site” said Wright. “Additionally, many bloggers have skills, such as good writing and communication skills, that are in high demand in the workplace.”, the first recruiting site to target bloggers, was started by Wright, one of the technology industry’s most recognizable bloggers, and Jason Davis, owner of the active recruiting weblog, has successfully placed bloggers in engineering jobs in the high-tech sector, but is seeing increased interest from a variety of industries.

“Big technology companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are posting jobs with because they know that weblogs are an excellent way to connect with the tech community,” said Davis. “But, we’re also working with companies looking for writers and marketers.”

“The ‘Blogosphere’ features many talented and entrepreneurial minds. gave us an excellent way to connect with these individuals and we have been very pleased with the feedback,” said Torsten Jacobi, Marketing and Sales, 21Publish Inc.

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Job Search Service Finds Careers for Bloggers

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