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Job Opening At John Battelle’s SearchBlog & FM Media

Job Opening At John Battelle’s SearchBlog & FM Media

Anyone passionate about search and blogging who wants to work for one of the most heralded tech journalists and bloggers in the nation should be interested in this position :

Editorial Assistant, FM; Assistant Editor, SearchBlog, Sausalito, CA

This hybrid position combines a half time position helping FM keep its authors happy, and working with FM’s founder with his personal site, Searchblog.

The editorial assistant role at Federated Media is all about taking care of authors – keeping them happy, making sure they know what’s happening and feel comfortable with FM. The Editorial Assistant keeps close track of a growing number of authors, moving each forward on a continuum of engaging with the Federated Media network. The Assistant will send out instructions and requests, and will follow up with authors to be sure the instructions and requests are understood and implemented.

The Searchblog role is where an editor becomes an author him or herself. The assistant editor will spend about half of the time working closely with Searchblog’s author running down new stories, reporting and writing posts for publication, and more.

John writes “Searchblog is my passion. It’s also one hell of a lot of work. And as much as I’d like to claim that I’m doing the best job in the world, I’m clearly not – there’s so much more I’d like to do…. In other words, I’m looking for a special someone who wants to be a Searchblog assistant editor. And, to help make this happen, I’m open to making it a full time position, by combining it with a role at FM helping our authors.”

Running a company and search blog can at time be quite exhausting and I do feel Johnny Boy’s pain. If you’re interested in the position I highly recommend contacting Battelle via the above link. Plus, you’ll probably get some nice in’s at Google, Yahoo and MSN along with building a priceless relationship with A list bloggers and publicists 🙂

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Job Opening At John Battelle’s SearchBlog & FM Media

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