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Jim Lanzone : CEO of, the Firefox of Search

Jim Lanzone : CEO of, the Firefox of Search

Jim Lanzone : CEO of, the Firefox of Search

Jim Lanzone has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of – after former CEO Steve Berkowitz left Ask for Microsoft. Jim is not only a large part of the reason for’s turn around over the past year, but he has served as an accessible and search marketing community ambassador of in his former role as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Ask U.S – where Jim led the product management, marketing and engineering divisions.

Jim says that his goal as’s CEO is “to keep pushing us forward down the path we’re on. With the team we have in place and the backing of IAC/InterActiveCorp, I believe Ask can take a significant piece of the search pie in the years ahead.”

John Battelle has some feedback from Jim on his new role as CEO on John’s Searchblog.

I really love this quote on and the competition:

“To me, both Google and MSN are like Internet Explorers in search and we’re the Firefox trying to grow in some other way.”

Yeah Jim… Spread some Ask!

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