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Jessica Bowman Joins Yahoo! as In-House SEO Evangelist

Jessica Bowman Joins Yahoo! as In-House SEO Evangelist

Jessica Bowman, a contributing columnist at Search Engine Journal and long time advocate for In-House SEO, just emailed to let me know that she has been hired by Yahoo! as their new In-House SEO Evangelist. Ms. Bowman’s duties will include working with the business side of Yahoo! and with the in-house SEOs that work on all of the Yahoo! properties.

Jessica Bowman

I’m happy to announce that I’m joining Yahoo! in late October to work as an in-house SEO evangelist. The official title is “Sr. Technical Marketing Manager”, but the gist of the position is working with all of the in-house SEOs that optimize the various Yahoo! properties, such as Yahoo! Travel, Yahoo! Personals and Yahoo! Autos.

What made me join? Perhaps it was the grueling 11 interviews I had in one single day! Nope, actually it was the purple blow-up sofas they had on the lawn to watch the lunch-time concert. 😀

Actually, it’s my dream job – I love to talk about search marketing within a company and watch the “ah-ha” moments that people have when they suddenly get how SEO works and what it can do to the bottom line. That’s exactly what I will be doing, most of the time. It turned out to be a position that uses all of the in-house skills that I talk and write about. I couldn’t walk away from the opportunity.

Big congratulations to Jessica, who formerly was the head of SEO for and runs her own blog at SEM In-House. What an uber-search job for an SEO, doing the in-house search engine optimization for a search company like Yahoo!

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