Jeremy Zawodny vs. Matt Cutts : Search Blog Award

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Jeremy Zawodny vs. Matt Cutts : Search Blog Award

In an unofficial tribute to two bloggers who represent their search engine employers on a sometimes official and sometimes unofficial basis, Aaron Wall and I decided upon adding this final ‘category’ to the Search Engine Journal 2005 Search Blog Awards; Matt vs. Jeremy : Which Search Employee Most Likely to Flame You For Spamming?

The voting for this category is quite simple, after looking at Jeremy Zawodny’s blog (famous Yahoo Search employee and blogging champion) and the Matt Cutts blog (the savior of the webmaster world sent down from Google) , along with their postings which expose spammers of search engines, bogus content, and email junk sent out by search oriented companies – we asked voters to decide. Both blogs are authored on a casual basis, keeping a safe distance from their search giant bosses while also shedding light that only such insiders in the search technology community can bring.

While Jeremy’s focus is more on ‘2.0’ technology, cutting edge valley companies, and new Yahoo applications and acquisitions; Matt keeps readers and the SEO community on their toes with a bit of algorithm exposure and lessons in linking. Keeping tabs on both blogs, as different as they may be, helps to further understand the search engine roadmap as such companies expand into new and relevantly diverse directions.

This was a rather fun question / category which led to coverage of the Search Engine Journal Search Blog Awards on the blogs of both Cutts and Zawodny, and a little competition between the two. Such personalization of the Search Blog Awards and light hearted jabs back and forth by the nominees goes to show that thankfully this is still an open and friendly industry, which will only help to encourage more innovation and growth by developers and those not working for one of the big four.

Now on to the award! The nominees for the ‘Matt vs. Jeremy : Which Search Employee Most Likely to Flame You For Spamming?’ Category are as follows:

Matt Cutts Blog (
Jeremy Zawodny’s Blog (

And the winner is …

Matt Cutts and the Matt Cutts Blog. Congratulations Matt, 60.9% of Search Engine Journal readers voted you the Most Likely Search Employee to Flame for Spamming!

Our warmest thanks to both Matt & Jeremy for keeping the blogging and search communities better informed and being that this is the second award which Matt scooped up this year, we’ll be looking for something special to send his way. Physical awards will be issued after the New Year.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Barry Schwartz

    Congrats Matt

  • Arun Agrawal

    I do not agree to the policy of differentiating between little harmless spam and serious black hat spam. Everything must be exposed and brought to book – may be Matt can expose a serious effort like cloaking sometime in the near future.

    Matt has already mentioned that owners of mom and pop sites get frustrated by the lack of good rankings and get waylaid by SEO companies in adding the hidden text at a sizeable cost (pun intended). May be they will see reason and agree to add solid content to attract the search engines and route this traffic to their sales pages.

  • Google Blogger

    it is fair enough matt cutts won this, he is a great guy, recent post in matt’s blog about hidden text was excellent, already it invited about 145 comments and it keeps growing, I regularly visit his blog to get some interesting stuff on SEO,

  • Gallo Pinto

    An the winner is! Matt just keep the community updated! Very useful blog with tips and taps.

  • Aaron Pratt

    With Matt’s recent helpful posts he is the clear Cutt winner.

  • renan orola

    congratulation matt..good luck and god bless

  • اس ام اس عید نوروز

    .*. .* *MERRY*CHRISTMAS!*


    .*. .* *HAPPY*New*Year 2009*