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Jennifer Aniston Topless Photos on Yahoo & Google

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Jennifer Aniston Topless Photos on Yahoo & Google

Jennifer Aniston Sunbathing Photos on Yahoo & Google

Searching for Jennifer Aniston’s topless sunbathing photos online is not an easy task, especially for the old search dogs who rely on Google, Yahoo and other traditional search engines for their online research. Being that Jennifer Aniston’s sunbathing pics and her threat to sue the photographer who took them have been all over the Internet over the past day or so, I decided to see what all of the fuss was about. In case you haven’t heard of the silly escapade, here’s a recap.

Jennifer Aniston’s lawyers have threatened to sue tabloids and celebrity magazines if those magazines publish photographs taken by a paparazzi photographer of Aniston sunbathing topless at her home. Aniston’s legal team says publications could face invasion-of-privacy lawsuits if they use the photos. In what seems to be a publicists dream of Aniston possibly trying to change her image a bit by showing off her well formed body. The photographer, a Mr. Brandt, says that he took the pics from outside of the Aniston property and was 300 yards away. Ka-Ching! Of course, the photos have made their way to the web.

Now, back to the search related part of this story. Search for anything “Jennifer Aniston pic” related on Google and you’re basically going to run into crap sites with multiple pop-ups and referrals to web porn sites which have nothing to do with the current photo buzz. Some sites do feature minature thumbnails of the Aniston pics, but when you click on them, you’re invited to join paid monthly subscription clubs for viewing nude celebrities. Not what I’m looking for.

Google News has stories on the photos and the Aniston legal battle, but no sites that I’ve found indexed in Google News link to or feature the Aniston pics. So, nothing in organic or news within Google, but I do notice that Google AdWords is serving an internal ad telling me to “Find [Jennifer Aniston] pictures & images easier with Google Image Search. Try it” Sounds promising.

Surprisingly there are two pic thumbnails in the Google Image index of Jennifer Aniston when turning off Google Safe Search:

* The first, named “Jennifer Aniston Topless” claims to be hosted on However, after clicking on the pic I’m taken to an error page on the site.

* So I try the other pic, which is housed on After clicking on DontLinkThis I am taken to a page which reads “Sorry, you’re not allowed to view images that aren’t linked directly from this domain. Click here to go to the front page where you can find the latest updates, hi res celebrity pics, film, videogame and pop culture news” and then is littered with ads and Google AdSense. Yes, Google Image Search spam, something I was expecting.

Going through the same routine on Yahoo, the initial site search gives some similar web site results of pages I expect to include nothing but pop-ups and redirects, with a Yahoo category listing and two listings. Being that large publications are threatening to be sued by the Aniston camp I’ll stay away from the Yahoo category pages and, as I doubt they will be featuring the pics. Yahoo is nice enough to include a preview above their normal web search results of their selection of Aniston pics in Yahoo Image search. Since the pics don’t seem to be as spammy as the Google Image search results and from trusted sources, I figure on giving them a try.

GOAL!! The very first result in Yahoo Image Search for Jennifer Aniston is a collage of the four controversial sunbathing pics. According to the listing, the photos are housed on (wonder if they know Pirillo’s, never heard of the site before but the URL looks to be a member photo album so I do not expect some shady spam message or redirect.

Feeling safe, I follow the image link to the original image hosted on and yes, all images are there. Pandora (which seems to be like a Flickr or Photobucket) is hosting the images without annoying banners, links, or popups and Yahoo Image search has taken me to exactly what I was looking for. The images were indexed fast in Yahoo, and there is no image search spam, like the two results I found in Google Image Search.

Sure, this is a very hairbrained and non-scientific test of Google and Yahoo Image search, but when it comes to finding images of current events without the ‘porn spam’ or redirects to advertising, Yahoo passed the test with flying colors. For a G rated link to the Jennifer Aniston photos I recommend a Yahoo owned “Web 2.0” offering, Flickr. Sorry if this post is a bit off the normal SEJ beat, maybe I’ve been reading too much Gawker Media lately.

NOTE: Seems like I was dupped and the pics that I found on Yahoo are not really the controversial sunbathing pics from this week. They are photos taken two years ago and mistakenly labeled by various (hundreds) of blogs and news sites as the new Brandt pics. Looks like I didn’t find those Aniston pics on Google or Yahoo, but.. I did find the pics I was mistakenly searching for, for what it’s worth.

Any other image search tools or photo upload sites you recommend for image search? Please leave a comment below.


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