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In the post-Super Bowl MTV halftime show hoopla that (if you may be a mountain hermit and haven’t yet heard) involved Justin Timberlake ripping off Janet Jackson’s clothes to expose her breast on national television- we’ve seen it all. Non-stop TV news, Entertainment Tonight, Michael Powell and the FCC looking into the case, CBS dissing MTV, and President George W. Bush dozing off during the halftime show. But now, the search engine industry is seeing the rippling effects of the Janet Jackson northern exposure- and not on Booble!

Janet Jackson’s spectacularly bad publicity has become the most-searched for event in the history of web search! Lycos, Google, and Yahoo have all reported their #1 searches for the week as being for “Janet Jackson.” Yahoo’s top search terms in this weeks Yahoo Buzz are as follows: Janet Jackson, Superbowl, Justin Timberlake and at #4 the Drudge Report (the sole political motivated term in the week of Democratic Primaries).

Aaron Schatz of the Lycos Top 50 writes

“Janet Jackson exposing her breast during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night has proved to be the most-searched event in the history of the Internet.

On Monday, Janet Jackson and the halftime show received 60 times as many searches as the Paris Hilton sex tape and 80 times as many searches as Britney Spears. Jackson was searched 50 times for every request for the topic that normally dominates on the day after the game, Super Bowl commercials. She also received 275 times as many searches as the streaker who ran on the field before the second half, and 350 times as many searches as Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady.

Janet Jackson wasn’t the only person involved in the stunt, of course. Justin Timberlake received 40 times as many searches as he does on a normal day.”

Such a huge amount of searches, stress on site servers and traffic to a site can be worse than having the MyDoom “Deny of Service” Virus directed at your site. The #2 Google result for “Janet Jackson” reads as:

miss-janet.com temporarily down
miss-janet.com temporarily down. After Janet’s perfomance on the Superbowl
we got an unexpected high amount of visits on our website. …
Description: Includes news, chat, links, games, and webcards.
Category: Arts > Music > Bands and Artists > J > Jackson, Janet
www.miss-janet.com/ – 2k – 3 Feb 2004 – Cached – Similar pages

The #3 Google result is for AskMen, a men’s news magazine (stuffed to the gut with online advertisements) like the online version of Maxim. Guess they’re rolling around like pigs in mud over this.

Is Janet Jackson planning to become the diva of online downloads? Is there a method to this madness? Why didn’t Howard Dean think of exposing his breasts in his Iowa speech?

There may be some more developments that come after this whole Janet Jackson search caper. The Search Engine Journal will keep our readers informed.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Babala

    Only in America – there are other things to worry about in this country than Janet’s boob. Get over it. Who gives a damn?

  • god help the internet.
    its proved that pakistan exported nuke technology to the so called rogue nations and people are more interested in this shit…
    god help us… :O

  • Felix

    You Americans are really crazy. I couldn´t help but yawning first – I mean, nice stunt, but come on, it´s just a breast. But when I heard the reactions from FCC, your christian family associations and your politicians I couldn´t stop laughing, wondering and being absolutely stunned about your problems. God save American Culture!

    Ze German 😉

  • Gordon

    It’s even worse than we thought…
    It turns out that the #4 search phrase (Drudge Report) was also JJ related, as they carried full pics of the “event”. So while we would like to think that those people were researching political candidates’ stand on the issues… it was more people trying to cop a peek at Janet’s breast.

  • pushing fifty

    What raises my hackles is the denigration of the society I thought I lived in. The stand against censorship (which I suport) assumes you can change the channel / station if you find a particular thing offensive. I was watching the Super Bowl. I wasn’t expecting a man to paw at a woman’s chest. (Should I have been expecting that? Not in my society.)

    Opportunity knocked, and she contrived to bare a knocker, eh? Maybe networks should reconsider the 7-second delay. They used to realize that humans are human, and would attempt to sneak things in.

    Janet Jackson has done a great disservice, fueling a negative onslaught. Even if most folks are clear on the actions of the individual vs the actions of one, it don’t take but a couple of rude comments to ruin the day for lasses who merely share her color.

  • SeanW

    Too funny. I agree with the top couple of comments, there are far more important things going on in the world about this. My 14 year old boy was watching the game with a bunch of us guys from work… He isn’t still talking about it. People all around me are.

    too much.

  • Tatenda Bernard Micheal Remba

    R U in touch with Janet? Pliz tell her that an African young man ( a Model, DJ,Actor, Musician& Sportsman who is a Jehovah `s Witness who is need of her help. I would like to sing & top the US & UK charts. Pliz tell Janet to email me.

  • Nice work chief 😉