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Jambo Introduces Collect Pay Per Call Advertising

Jambo Introduces Collect Pay Per Call Advertising

Jambo, a pay per call advertising company, today introduced Pay-Per-Call Collect,which Jambo says that their Collect Pay Per Call service is an industry first, and is a mix between paying for incoming lead generating collect calls with somewhat of a telemarketing opt-out / opt-in spin.

The service sounds a bit spammy – listing businesses in PPCall search ads and using a collect calling service to charge those businesses – calling them without permission, but leeting those businesses who do not want calls opt-out by saying “no”.

Before getting into the ethics of this, I’ll let Jambo’s press release explain their service:

“All other companies use what I call ‘the burden model’ – the burden is on merchants to take the initiative to create ads, choose keywords and manage the bidding process,” said John Melideo, CEO, Jambo. “But most local businesses don’t have the resources or the inclination to do that. By tapping into a billing system that they already use – their phone bill – we’re removing the need to set up and manage separate advertising campaigns with various publishers. Instead, we’re automatically including merchants listed in a JAN partner directory – all they have to do is answer the phone and say yes or no to a qualified lead. It’s that simple.”

Once a merchant accepts a lead, Jambo automatically follows up on behalf of the search partner that generated the call to sell packages of leads. By tapping into a group of “self-selected” merchants, Jambo is enabling its search partners to proactively sell advertising to companies that already have received actual leads – reversing the traditional passive approach of waiting for merchants to come to them.

Jambo’s system keeps track of which companies want the phone leads and which don’t – based on the percentage of calls each merchant answers, or doesn’t. Using a proprietary methodology, Jambo combines that information with a variety of other relevancy factors – including type of business, geography, service specialties, among others – to identify the merchants most likely to be relevant to a particular consumer.

When a consumer searches within a category, and does not know the name of a specific business, the Jambo ad is presented as an option. The ads are aggregated into key categories, like taxis or spas, and then presented individually apart from specific merchant names and phone numbers. With one consumer phone call, Jambo may place several calls behind the scenes until that consumer is connected with a merchant.

Merchants listed with a directory or search engine participating in the Jambo Advertising Network (JAN), in product and service categories that primarily get new customers over the phone, will receive phone leads automatically – requiring literally no effort on their part. When a merchant receives a call from a consumer, generated by a Jambo partner listing, he or she can choose at that moment whether or not to accept the charges on a pay-per-call basis. Those charges will appear on the merchant’s regular phone bill.

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Jambo Introduces Collect Pay Per Call Advertising

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