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iTunes Addresses MiniStore Privacy Concerns

iTunes Addresses MiniStore Privacy Concerns

iTunes Addresses MiniStore Privacy Concerns

Apple iTunes almost brought upon itself the label of Apple SpyTunes after launching the Apple iTunes MiniStore, which is a service which gathers information about listener habits and transmits those habits to Apple where your user profile is stored and constantly tweaked.

The way Apple’s MiniStore worked last week was that the user profiles built were then matched with albums, videos, and other iTunes goodies that Apple thinks you may want to hear. does something similar with their internal site marketing.

MiniStore however goes a bit beyond the line in the sand as far as privacy is concerned, which led to consumer outrage this week when the MiniStore ‘invaded’ people’s iTunes as they upgraded to iTunes 6.0.2 this week.

Now, Apple has made MiniStore optional, giving users the choice to Opt-In to the service (a much better move than forcing users to opt-out). iTunes 6.0.2 now shows this message during install :

The iTunes MiniStore allows you to discover new music and videos right from your iTunes Library. As you select items in your Library, information about that item is sent to Apple and the MiniStore will send you related songs or videos. Apple does not keep any information related to the contents of your music Library.

Would you like to turn on the MiniStore now?


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iTunes Addresses MiniStore Privacy Concerns

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